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Halal Pharmaceuticals: A New Frontier

Muslims now are increasingly more aware of what goes into their bodies, paving the way for the growth of the Halal pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, the sector was valued at USD 83 billion, a six percent growth compared to the previous year. It is expected to grow eight percent year-on-year to reach USD 132 billion by 2022… Read More

Global Halal Food Market to Reach $739.59 Billion by 2025

While a growing Muslim population is fuelling the halal food and beverage market, halal food has become a standard of choice for both Muslims and non-Muslims… Read More


The Obvious-Yet-Unspoken Reality Of Muslim Consumers

Instead of the emergence of an untapped and overlooked market (Muslims have been around for almost 1,500 years…what were we buying all that time, before the ‘Islamic Economy’ was a thing?) what if it’s a feature of the modern consumer instead?… Read More

Marketing to Muslim Luxury Consumers [FREE Report]

The combined spending power of the global Muslim population today makes it equal to the economy of the third-largest country in the world, after the U.S. and China. The 2018 free report looks at this lucrative market in terms of luxury goods, consumer behavior and preferences, and offers tips for advertisers and marketers… Read More


How 20+ Muslim Entrepreneurs Built Their Startups

Some of these entrepreneurs include Chris Blauvelt, CEO of LaunchGood; Amin Aaser, managing director for Noor Kids; Drakshan Khan, founder of Purple Impression; Kelvin Ali, president of Northern World Entertainment Software; Mohammed Faris, CEO of The Productive Muslim Company… Read More

4 Things to Know about Muslim Consumers

As the fastest growing demographic on earth, Muslims are making their influence felt across consumer categories. And the smartest brands are paying attention… Read More

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