Al Jazeera Media Network

Al Jazeera's promise is to provide clarity through contrast. Championing diversity on its screens, in its stories and its sources to offer audiences a more informed, unfiltered and inclusive view of their world. Reaching more than 150 countries viewers trust Al Jazeera to keep them informed, inspired and entertained.

Global Brand Power

Each subsidiary in the Al Jazeera Media Network follows the same principles and values that inspire it to be challenging and bold, and provide a voice for the voiceless in some of the most under-reported places on the planet.

Reach Global Audience

  • Monthly Interactions

    • 80mm Pageviews
    • 19mm Unique Visitors
    • 208mm Display Impressions
    • 2mm Video Impressions
    • 2mm Mobile App Impressions
  • Social

    • 57mm Facebook
    • 18mm Twitter
    • 14mm AJ+
    • 4mm YouTube Subscribers

Top Digital Traffic by Country

  • 38mm USA
  • 16mm Saudi Arabia
  • 12mm UK
  • 11mm Canada
  • 10mm UAE
  • 7mm Egypt
  • 7mm Germany
  • 6mm Morocco
  • 4mm France
  • 4mm Nigeria
  • 4mm India

A Truly Global Network

Al Jazeera is reshaping global media with more than 4000 editorial staff and 80 news bureaus worldwide, broadcasting and publishing media in English, Arabic and Bosnian. Reaching more than 360 million households in over 150 countries across the globe, viewers trust Al Jazeera to keep them informed, inspired and entertained.

AI Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English is one of the top three global English news broadcasts. With award winning programs, Al Jazeera English is the number one international news broadcast in the UK and West Africa, reaching 37 million viewers weekly.

AI Jazeera Arabic

Al Jazeera Arabic is the number one Arabic news channel in the world reaching 25 million viewers daily and 81% Arab viewers monthly.

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