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At the forefront of the modest fashion and $3.7 trillion halal market, MLC delivers powerful marketing solutions for brands and advertisers interested in global Muslim markets. 

As Al Jazeera’s official agency, we reach over 360 million people worldwide via the network’s television, digital and social channels in English and Arabic, and negotiate preferred rates for our advertising partners. 

In addition to relevant digital and broadcast advertising, we help global brands develop sustainable corporate responsibility initiatives and become a force for social good.

From concept to delivery, we align our clients’ core values with relevant social causes, identify sponsorship and acquisition potentials, and maximize brand identity, awareness and engagement in key markets. 

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MLC started in 2003 as strategic consulting firm MLC Solutions, founded by nonprofit extraordinaire Mohamad Chehade, Ph.D. 

After 15 years of helping numerous organizations with strategic planning, organizational development and marketing consulting – and more recently establishing a partnership with the Al Jazeera Media Network – Mohamad oversaw the evolution of MLC Solutions into MLC Media, and serves as the agency’s CEO and Head of Strategic Partnerships.

Though MLC’s beginnings are firmly rooted in nonprofit work, our strategies have evolved to meet the needs of global brands and businesses. Traditional approaches to donor acquisition, for example, have changed considerably, and the explosion of communication streams and devices require a more dynamic approach to the customer journey.



Breaking down borders with our unique approach, expertise and global reach

Pursuit of Excellence

Performing at the highest standards to drive creativity and growth


Acting as honest and trusted partners for clients, colleagues and societies


Embracing multiple and diverse cultures at home and abroad

Socially Responsible

Celebrating the work that makes the world a better place


Missing Link Cycle for nonprofits

MLC’s strategy work in the nonprofit sector led to insights regarding a lack of effective communication between nonprofit beneficiaries and donors, something we call the ‘Missing Link Cycle’.

We provide solutions to this dilemma by ensuring nonprofits are at the center of defining and strengthening links among their beneficiaries and donors, primarily through storytelling and integrated marketing.

Engaging Model for strategy development

As an alternative the five-year-plan that is rarely referred to after it’s been written, we came up with ‘The Engaging Model’, a dynamic, working document that informs and guides organizations towards ongoing improvement, impact and relevance.

The Engaging Model has proven successful for strategic planning because it embodies a collective vision (from employees to stakeholders) and provides effective strategies as well as realistic and measurable goals for the present and future.


Our consulting history has influenced our approach to client relations and creative work.

And it’s really quite simple. It all begins with listening. Once we understand our clients’ objectives and obstacles, we dig into the research process and come back with sound, creative strategy and solutions. And it doesn’t stop there. We follow up with analysis, optimization and reporting. 

Our process in a nutshell: Needs Assessment – Strategy & Solutions – Optimization


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