Giving & Philanthropy

MLC specializes in helping nonprofits and NGOs define their core values and identify causes or social responsibility initiatives that align with authentic brand stories.  

We’ll help our clients develop and implement both top-down and bottom-up marketing strategies that inspire action in the following areas:

  • social good and cause-related marketing
  • corporate philanthropy and sponsorships
  • digital and broadcast advertising
  • direct mail campaigns
  • fundraising and financial planning
  • corporate social responsibility

Our deep understanding of the inner workings of nonprofit organizations has informed best practices for strategic planning that position brands for sustainable growth, often by implementing non-conventional approaches that have proven time and again to generate impactful results.

International marketing services

industries we serve

  •  travel & hospitality

  •  health & pharmaceutical

  •  nonprofits & charitable foundations

  •  shoes & apparel

  •  automotive

  •  education

  •  energy

  •  food & beverage

  •  luxury brands

  •  sports & entertainment

  •  technology & telecom

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