The Top 3 Way to Increase Engagement with American Muslim Consumers

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Roughly 7 million Muslims live in America. Their spending power is estimated at over $170 billion.

Yet 98% feel American brands don’t actively reach out to Muslim consumers.

Unlike other demographics, Muslim consumers tend to be extremely loyal, with over 80% saying they would prefer to buy brands that recognize and support Muslim identity.

And here we come to the crux of the matter: most American companies are oblivious to the fact Muslim audiences are waiting to be recognised, to have their needs met, and see their culture reflected in brand stories. Behind the politicised headlines and stereotypes are consumers left waiting for brands to begin a conversation with them.

Here are our 3 ways to turn this around:

1. Seek Understanding of Muslim Values

There’s a considerable lack of knowledge about the growing Muslim American consumer market and much of that stems from a lack of understanding of Muslim values. Family, modesty, community, and transparency are all important values to be aware of when you begin connecting with these consumers. Islamic values must be understood in order to facilitate a mutually respectful relationship.

Why not begin this journey by undertaking cultural training to educate management and employees on the importance of the values held by the Muslim American consumer?

2. Tailor Your Offerings

There are an estimated 6 million American Jews. This is comparable to the number of American Muslims—about 7 million. But for every halal product there are 800 kosher products. Simply put, too few companies are making an effort to provide what the Muslim consumer actually wants.

Developing custom products and services for Muslim Americans is a sure-fire way to gain effective audience engagement, and to show them their business matters to you.

3. Make Muslims Feel Part of Your Brand Community

Sure it’s true that Islam is a vital part of the average Muslim American’s life, and they certainly see themselves as Muslims first, but this doesn’t have to come at the expense of being true Americans. Muslim/American values aren’t mutually exclusive. They intersect. American companies have the opportunity to easily champion these common values.

For example, how a company treats its employees is one area of overlap. Does the company promote interfaith respect and have a diverse workforce? Does the company hire Muslim staff who are allowed to be themselves freely in the workplace? These are the kind of factors that will speak to the American Muslim consumers and get them behind your brand.

Want to Know More?

Get these 3 things right and you’re taking your first steps on the way to growing business with the Muslim community in America.

If this article has twigged your attention, but you’d like a few more pointers of how to get your products or services in front of the Muslim market—then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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